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What to do now ?
  boblion, Mar 30 2009

Ok so as you could see in my previous blog i'm now broke on Titan after 650+ games and my 30 starting euros from pokerstrategy are now 0.03 euros.

Basicly i was even at 1+0.20$ sng after 600+ games. Yea i know that's not enough to be considered a decent player and of course not a winning player. It was 6 players sng btw.
Then i was tired of being even and raped by rake so i tried 5$+0.5 sng and got raped by variance ( a real bitch imo ).
Still being ~0% Roi when you start poker for the first time on tables with 20% rake is not that bad. I still have faith in myself and i believe i can improve and moreover i enjoy this game so i will keep playing poker.

So basicly i need to find another room and a cool starting bonus because i don't want to sart deposing money online ( i would feel so fishy ).

What i need:
- a room with LOW rake on micro-sng or NL2 ( if i try again cash game )

Pokerstars is the best right ?

If so i have more questions:

With this bonus i get 50$ bonus if i deposit 50$ right ?
Then i have to play and get points to "unlock" the bonus ?

Pokerstars have no rake back right ? They give you points to buy goodies in their store right ?
If so how many points you get for each $ of rake and what is the value of those points ( in $ ) if you want to buy their goods ?

Is this offer better than the "tell a friend" for me ? What's the difference ?

My goals:
- Being like >5%ROI on micro sng
- Buying cool softwares with the money i won to get better at sng.
- If i fail start NL2 again ( is stopped because i enjoyed more sng )
- Being EV+ and buy Poker tracker with the money i won.

If i fail again i could quit poker happy without having spend 0.01$ of my own money

P-S sorry for poor English.

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  boblion, Mar 29 2009

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Can't beat Nl 2 6 max looooool
  boblion, Nov 07 2008

So because i was tired to being raped by rake at 1$ micro sng for a 0-1% Roi, i decided to move to 5$ sng ( "only" 10% rake here loooool )

Since i had only 15 buy-in it was clearly not a good decision. Variance was too high for my br and nerves hopefully i didnt lost money.

Instead i decided to try cash game with my 35euros left.
I was only rolled for NL2 and i chose 6 max like the sng i used to play.

Now the nightmare begins. I'm not good at poker, i'm a beginner and i knew it. But everybody told me " Why u play SNg u stupid, cash game is EZ"

Well, actually cash game is way harder.
I can't beat this limit. I tried to play deep ( 5$) and it doesnt work for me. I spew too much vs short stackers, and i always run bad in deep vs deep confrontations, and i can't afford to lose my whole stack.

Then i tried with 2$ and it doesnt work either. Deep people have really wide ranges and are tricky and short stackers are so agressive

Tips ?
Should i play full ring ?

What are the hand that i should play ?

- i try to limp pairs < 77 if it isnt too expensive
- I will raise pairs > 77
- i might try to limp KK or AA vs one opponent
- i raise Ax(s) ( low x ) if i have position ortherwise i usually limp or fold ( depending on position again )
- i raise AJ/AQ/AK in all positions
- I might limp or raise JT(s), QJ(s), KQ(s) depending on position too.

- i might try to limp the other kind of hands if nobody raises.

Is it ok ? too calling station ?

Also i have big troubles to fold a top pair or a double pair and i tend to spew too much for draws
Obvious leaks that i need to improve.

I have tried a new rule. I start a table with 2$ and i try to leave when i get to 3$. Is it a good idea ?

Also i play on 3 tables at the same time. I might try 4 if my br increases but i'm quite bad at multi-tasking ( low apm p user ;D ).

Help or i will have to cash out / play donkaments again. .

I have too many leaks ...

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